Telltale Layoffs – Kinda Funny Games Daily 11.07.17

Andrea and Greg recap a 25-percent staff reduction at The Walking Dead dev.

– The Roper Report Breaking News –
00:00:24:: – Restructuring At Telltale Games Leads To 25% Reduction Of Workforce
00:09:22 – Housekeeping
Next NoClip is Horizon/Guerilla
00:09:50 – PSX 2017 Plan, via PS Blog
00:23:32 – Top PSN Downloads for October PS4 Games
00:29:25 – AC Origins Sells Twice as Fast as Syndicate, via IGN
00:32:01 – Studio Behind Zelda Remakes Hiring for a new “Legend,” via GameInformer
00:33:44 – MLB The Show 18 Cover Athlete is Yankee Aaron Judge
00:34:00 – The official list of upcoming games
00:37:48 – Deals of the days:Ubisoft is giving Watch Dogs away for free on PC Nov7 – Nov13
Reader mail –
00:40:45 – what do you think about the possibility of Anthem being a Mass Effect level story with a games as a service model underneath? – Ryan
00:45:55 – Is Microsoft & GameStop having a secret war over XBox Game Pass? – MSUHitman
00:49:32 – Is the PS4 Pro worth it? – Alex
00:51:22 – Do you think Xbox could acquire a few smaller game devs or would it take an acquisition as big as a company like Bethesda to motivate fans to get more consoles? – StoreyXIV
00:54:40 – Thoughts on the XBox One X? – Jarred
01:00:00 – Do you think it’s weird that Horizon’s DLC takes place mid-story? – Dan
01:03:08 – Squad Up – James Poggione PS4:Coachpoggione
01:03:42 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: Whitta Wednesday!


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