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Easy Allies’ Michael Huber joins Greg to talk Monster Hunter, PUBG, and more!

00:04:53 – Housekeeping
The Roper Report –
The PlayStation VR Show is live on!
Huber is doing a one on one Gamescast with Huber this afternoon!
New Kinda Funny Games Host Debuts On Monday (HYPE TRAILER):
00:05:54 – Monster Hunter Switch Would Be Difficult, via DualShockers
00:12:48 – PUBG Active Daily Players Dip, via Bloomberg Tech Reporter Yuji Nakamura
00:19:48 – Senator to ESRB about Loot Boxes, via IGN
00:28:00 – The official list of upcoming games
Reader mail –
00:38:08 – What are your favorite World of Warcraft memories? – Jared Kotishion
00:43:15 – Can we get a hype check on Nintendo LABO? – Billythedoor
00:46:13 – Would you still be playing Monster Hunter World as much as you are if you were playing mostly solo? – Brandon
00:50:51 – Have you watched any pro Rocket League? If you have, did you enjoy it? What about other esports? – Prominentmuggle
00:58:45 – Could Insomniac surprise everyone with a release date that is only a week away when that time comes, or is that to sketchy for video game developers, especially for Sony? – Cyclopz14
01:00:25 – Squad Up: Nathan(Xbox One) – Groat Simulator
01:02:35 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: Tim


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