Ep 12: MISSION IMPAWSSIBLE (Finale) – Funny Dog Video

In the 12th and final episode of season 2, Crusoe embarks on an epic Mission Impawssible quest! Crusoe the Dachshund (wiener dog) plays as Tom Crusoe, who receives his mission briefing video about a dog toy bomb ploy, and so he must go on a cute and funny mission to find the bomb, the salesperson, then the secret warehouse to take down the criminal cat organization. But is everything as it seems? Watch this cute and funny dog video to find out!

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In this funny dog video featuring cute wiener dogs, Crusoe, aka Tom Crusoe goes on a mission impossible style parody with dogs to take down the bad guys! Oakley dachshund may not be in the video a lot, but he is actually the stunt dog behind much of the action scenes and stunts.


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