BTS Fails and Funny Moments 😂

Hello 😀
and welcome back 🙂
Here are a few fails and funny moments of BTS.
BTS members are the dorkiest people ever.
watch this video and see:
Namjoon destroying things,
bts members being clumsy, especially Jiminie.
Namjoon hurting people around him (the other BTS members xD)
(no one is safe when RM is around)
he ripped Kookie’s shirt, he accidentaly hit Jhope,
Tae is clumsy too 😀
you’ll also be able to see fans throwing objects at the members.
J-Hope got hit in the face, and Jin got hit by a teddy bear (If I’m not wrong)
What’s your favorite moment?
Please enjoy 🙂

BTS Fails and Funny Moments 😂
방탄소년단가 실패하고 재미있는 순간들 😂
防弾少年団が失敗して面白い瞬間 😂


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