Funny Dachshund Crusoe is the APRIL FOOLS DOG!

Don’t miss Mum and Dad’s retribution at the END! 😉
Crusoe the Dachshund is back in the funny #dachshund video where Crusoe sees that it is April 1st on the calendar, hence #AprilFools, and so he goes on a quest to prank his Mum and Dad in the cutest and funniest ways possible a dog could ever do to their parents! Crusoe is a funny little dachshund, and you’ll see what mischief he gets up to here!
Crusoe the Dachshund does some great April Fools pranks for dog owners, such as putting dirt from the yard in their coffee maker, itching powder on the toilet seat, blue dye in the laundry, sticks in the mailbox, and at the end, Crusoe’s Mum and Dad get their own retribution by putting Crusoe’s dog food in JELLO!
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