Grand Theft Auto V ( GTA V Online Multiplayer Funny Moments )

Today We are playing Gta 5 Online Multiplayer
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💻Gaming PC Specs💻

CPU:- Intel i7 5960x 4.5ghz overclocked

GPU:- Nvidia GTX 1080 Overclocked ( GALAX )

RAM:- Crucial 64GB DDR4 2400mhz

MOBO:- Asus X99 A

KEYBOARD:- Zebronics mechanical keyboard

MOUSE:- Zowie EC1-A

MIC:- Blue Yeti (Black Colour)

HEADPHONES:-Hyper X Cloud 2

CASE: Corsair 750D
💻Streaming PC Specs💻

CPU:- Intel i7 4790K 4.9 ghz overclocked

GPU:- Nvidia GTX 980ti Overclocked ( Zotac )

RAM:- Gskill 8gb ddr3

MOBO:- Gigabyte XL

KEYBOARD:- Logitech G510s

MOUSE:- Logitech 402

MONITOR:- DELL 24 inch & Benq GW2470 24 inch

Camera:- Logitech C920

CASE:An ancient Compaq case(A relic we believe)

Q- Who am i?
A- My name is VIINIIT SINGH MAN ,i am 19 years old.

Q- What Games Do I Play ?
A- I play a lot of games on my channel like Gta 5 , Call of Duty
games, Rainbow 6 Siege , Overwatch , Horror games , and much more. Mostly all the AAA title
games & any game is is FUN to enjoy.

Q- Where do I live?
A- I live in Delhi India!

Q-Where do I live in Delhi India?
A-Well thats a Top secret.

Q- Is youtube my full time job?
A- No,not yet.i am an engineering student BTech computer science maybe this might be my full-time job one day.

Q- What i do other than youtube?
A- I am a computer science engineering student love playing table tennis and watching movies.

Q- Whats my Internet Speed?
A- 70mbps download and 40mbps upload for $19 monthly ( ZETABYTE FIBERNET ISP )

Q- What all games do i play?
A- I like to play variety of games but do Check my channel!

Q- Can i play with you?
A- I only accept friend request on ps4 and gta 5 social club

Q- When do you stream?
A- FOR NOW I DONT HAVE A FIXED TIME BUT I STREAM DAILY ! .(normally after 4 in the evening)

Q-Which software i use for streaming?
A- I use OBS ( open broadcaster software )

Q-Do I have a Girlfriend?
A-Your Boy Is Not Single Anymore

Q-Stream Lagging ?
A-Well its a low latency stream so you will need a fast internet well how much ?
1080 60fps – 1037 kbps | 8.3 mbps
720 60fps – 500 kbps | 4.0 mbps
480 30fps – 300 kbps | 2.4 mbps
360 30fps – 150 kbps | 1.2 mbps
240 30fps – STOP USING JIO
144 30fps – well if you are watching on this setting then enjoy the minecraft quality !
Games i am excited for !
1) Friday the 13th
2) Destiny 2
3) need for speed payback
4) Farcry 5
5) Spiderman
6) State of Decay 2
7) Detroit: Become Human
10) Anthem
11) COD WW2
13) Days Gone
14) StarWars


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