Kinda Funny Live 3 2017 (FULL SHOW!)

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Thank you all for making this the best night of our lives.


Kinda Funny Live 3 happened on June 3rd, 2017 at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco California.

Hosted by: WWE Superstar Xavier Woods

Greg Miller
Tim Gettys
Nick Scarpino
Kevin Coello
Andy Cortez
Joey Noelle
Greg “Cool Greg” Gettys

Special Guests:
Kinda Hunnies’ Gia Harris, Genevieve Miller, and Paula Coello
No Clip’s Danny O’Dwyer
What’s Good Games Andrea Rene
AlfredoPlays’ Alfredo Diaz
Easy Allies’ Brandon Jones
IGN’s Fran Mirabella and Sean Finnegan
Game Attack’s Craig Skitsimas and Shaun Bolen

Comedy By: Mike Drucker

Musical Performances by:
Mega Ran
Bagpiper Fred Payne

Voice Over by: Dave Fennoy

Photography by: Sean Finnegan, Eric Petralia,

Videography by Jay Weneta, Andre, and Jonathan

Special thanks to: SisQo, Andrew W.K., Logic, Janina Gavankar, San Francisco Giant Hunter Pence, Pixel Brave, Alec Walworth, Kuro Kuma, John Dizon, Mayumi Roehm, Justin Webb, Dustin William, Erik Heitz, Paul Joyce, Andrew Francis, Mik Guevarra, Ismahawk

Directed by: Midlife Ballers’ Matt Scarpino

Edited by: Tim Gettys


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