Types of Friends Part-1 | Funny | |HRzero8|

This video shows different types of friends found in every group.
( part 1)

Types included –
Short Temperd
Poor comedian
Gym Freak
Show Off
Free Adviser

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Concept and Idea – Ankit Malik ( Instagram @ankt_mlk )
Supported by Mukut Kalia and Sameer Chechy

Overacting in video by –

Ankit Malik
Mukut kalia
VIneet Jangra
Sidhant Nagpal
Ash Garg
Sameer Chechy
Rajat Dhull
Himanshu Dhingra
Diksha Sindhwani

Special thanks to – Fitplay Gym (Kaithal Haryana)

Thank you very much for watching .


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