PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds // BEST FUNNY GAMEPLAY // Solos / Duos / Squads

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with community feedback. Starting with nothing, players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the lone survivor.

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My Creator family:

Kang Gaming [PG] – Every day 5pm PST (Now on Twitch)
– Chill streamer, and a great friend of mine. (Helped me personally, please follow him)
– Variety gamer, fond of Horror and Story driven games
– Responsive to chat
– Supportive of other YouTubers, welcoming community

One_Shot_Gurl [PG] – Every day (except Sunday) 3pm PST
– Responsive, welcoming, and kind environment/community – Sniper4life (Helped me personally as a friend, please sub to her)
– Variety streamer – YouTube showcase – MLG PUBG player (Best SCAR-98 player in the world)
– Well done graphics and responses
– Focus on positivity

5tat – Every day at 7am PST
– Best beard on YouTube
– Variety streamer – lots of PUBG at this time (Also has VoDs)
– Fun competitive play, super positive intelligent guy.
– A good friend of mine.

GameDojo – Every day 8pm PST
– All about having some fun
– Variety streamer – Lots of PUBG with R6 and others to change it up occasionally
– Runs the stream like a professional radio show with a soundboard with song clips and professional graphics.
– A good man and a good friend. Love you Dojo, I know you are reading this.

J-Kraken – Every day 7pm PST
– High energy chill streamer
– Variety streamer with weekly schedule – Hearthstone, OW, and more.
– Welcoming troll community – Ninja fam
– Responsive to chat, does twitter time at end

ClintusGames –
– Twitch Partner
– Great Vlog channel at
– Really chill guy, fun to hang out with
– Lots of shooter and looter games. Destiny Beast.

Quizzle [PG] – Every day 8am PST
– Variety streamer – prefers Horror and Story driven games
– Has highlights
– Tricks, tips, and exploits
– Trolololololol Cheeseburger

Swag_Dracula [PG13] – Every day 4pm PST
– Cameras dont work on Dracula silly – Lots of F13 right now.
– Plays with SattelizerGames, Gorillaphent, BryceMcQuaid, H20Delerious, Ohmwrecker, and others.
– Really funny and cool guy. Bleh Bleh Bleh.
– All about positivity and has an amazing community. SwagdrHeart

More of my YouTube Family:

Content creators that influence me:

SeaNanners Gaming Channel – Every other day
– Super positive creator. Lots of GMod, KotK, and more. Plays with friends to laugh and be positive.

PewDiePie – 2+ videos per day
– 50 million subs, zero deaths. King of YT, King of edits, King of the bro fist.

Markiplier – 2+ videos per day
– Great for younger audience. Variety of games. Really fun challenges.

Kwebbelkop – 2+ videos per day
– The best member of Robust. Great variety, Q&A, and GTA V videos.

H20Delerious – New video every day
– Loud, funny, and did I mention loud?

CoryXKenshin – Video every day
– Freestyles to game music. Variety gamer. Amazing guy that deserves to be happy, and uploads when he is. Samurai unite.

Grimmmz – [PG13] – Stream every day
– Extremely educational PUBG streamer. Positive guy that is fun to watch even when he is recieving hate. Streams with Anthony( and the content can become mature.

More VoD content creators:

1. Be respectful to others in the chat. (Timeout)
2. No racism (Ban)
3. Please no cussing/profanity. (Delete/Timeout)
4. Please no politics/religion (Delete)
5. No unwanted flirting with others in chat (Delete/Timeout)
6. No advertising, promoting, or spamming. (delete/Timeout)
8. Have fun and enjoy! (Winning)
9. Do not ask for mod.

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