How Close Is Spider-Man PS4? – Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.09.18

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Andrea and Greg compliment Insomniac on its new vision and then promptly get mad that there’s no Spider-Man date. Well, Greg gets mad.

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00:02:20 – Housekeeping
The Roper Report –
00:05:55 – PlayStation Updates Numbers
00:13:45 – Vive Pro and Viv Wireless Adaptor announced, via Gizmodo
00:18:33 – Insomniac on the vocal minority, via
00:21:45 – The official list of upcoming games
Reader mail –
00:28:53 – I wanted to hear your opinions on games being available to play in “open beta” prior to their release. – BedaHouse
00:35:05 – I will not pre-order any physical games anymore – James Witten @LemonsOnFire
00:39:30 – Assassin’s Creed Origin’s future – James Rodriguez
00:43:42 – Fallout Remastered? – Ben Savage
00:46:55 – Squad Up: Trevor –
00:48:00 – Please Shuhei: Javier Bonet-Ruiz
00:48:55 – You‘re Wrong
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