Take Two vs. Borderlands YouTuber – Kinda Funny Games Daily 08.08.19

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Andrea and Greg discuss Take Two investigators showing up on SupMatto’s doorstep.

Time Stamps –
00:02:00 – Housekeeping
Party Mode – MUA3 – youtube.com/kindafunnygames
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The Roper Report –
0:05:35 – 2K Investigation into Streamer Leaks, Matt Kim @ IGN
00:22:58 – Threats Closed Twitch Offices Yesterday, Nathan Grayson @ Kotaku
00:24:55 – Annapurna Bankruptcy Protection, James Batchelor @ GIB
00:29:35 – Riot looking good, Angela Roseboro, Chief Diversity Officer
00:32:45 Best Friend Q. – Riot employees have spoken out since the Riot protests and have said that after a long year, their employer has improved immensely, even though they haven’t yet done everything that’s needed. Based on Kotaku’s article, they’ve clearly made amazing progress, but how can we be sure that it will all stick? – The Nano Biologist
00:39:25 – Out today
00:42:20 – HIMS
00:43:32 – RAYCON
Reader mail –
00:45:13 – What your thoughts are when Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo etc release these limited edition hardware bundles so late into the cycle when next fall they will also be asking for another 4 to 6 hundred dollars for new consoles – Parker Petrov
00:49:10 – Will the base price of games rise next generation? – 2038 Pokémon CEO
00:52:58 – Squad Up:Willie Lopez(PS4) – ChillyCash
00:53:12 – You‘re Wrong
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