Minecraft Monday Week 8 Highlights/Funny Moments

Here is a compilation of the highlights and funny moments of Minecraft Monday Week 8! Minecraft Monday is a Minecraft tournament hosted by Keemstar and Bajan Canadian filled with Minecraft youtubers who compete for 10,000 Dollars! I compiled all of the best moments from Minecraft Monday Week 8! Overall, this week went much better than last week’s Minecraft Monday. There were much less glitches and bugs. This week, neither Technoblade or Skeppy won, but a fan team won! This week of Minecraft Monday was largely focused around hunger games, so that was what was mostly played. Technoblade was of course being his dominant self in hunger games, but was not able to pull through with a win. Enjoy Minecraft fans of Skeppy, Technoblade, BadBoyHalo, Preston, Vikkstar, a6d, DanTDM, CaptainSparklez, and more!


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