Is Ultimate the Final Smash Bros.? – Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.13.19

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Greg asks Tim questions about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate based on Sakurai’s awards speech.

Time Stamps –
00:04:08 – Housekeeping
It’s Friday the 13th! Celebrate with a classic Party Mode:
Borderlands 3 stream this afternoon, plus there’s a stream on
The Roper Report –
00:06:02 – Smash won’t add Goku or Iron Man
00:14:46 – New Switch Firmware
00:22:45 – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Ships 2.4 Units Globally
00:28:30 – US game sales drop 18 percent in August
00:32:49 – “Is this a statistic to be worried about when it comes to the state of gaming today?” – Riot Goes Woof
00:37:00 – Out today
00:39:00 – “Is Borderlands 3 the biggest release of the year so far?” – Katie
00:45:35 – “I’m worried about Daemon X Machina…” – Robert
00:48:04 – Manscaped
00:49:06 – Hims
00:50:11 – Quip
Reader mail –
00:51:35 – “I’m curious what your thoughts are in regards to Final Fantasy 16…” – CLENT
00:55:24 – “Another day has passed and another indie studio is outed for unethical and horrible behavior…” – Frankfurtter
01:05:16 – Squad Up: Riot – Xbox One – Riot Goes Woof
01:06:02 – You‘re Wrong
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