Huskies Funny Over Reactions When Getting Excited! [HE ACTUALLY TALKS!!]

Sooooo hello everyone!! People always ask us to do more outdoor videos but I usually walk them by myself and I’m terrible with technology so I don’t know how to work go pros etc lol but this time I had someone with me so we filmed the reactions to us going out. It’s so funny because many don’t see Ruperts personality a lot on here even though I’m lucky enough to see this every day. It’s so funny when he gets over excited and goes like this! Sometimes I actually imagine him saying words like this and they actually sound like he’s saying them!! Also when we first go out walking he’s so excited he bunny hops haha!! Also when they walk try get as close to each other as possible it’s so cute to see them fit perfect together!! Hope this makes you all laugh and smile! Love you all!


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