Ash Ketchum Finally Wins – Kinda Funny Games Daily (w/Mega Ran) 09.16.19

Mega Ran joins Greg to marvel at the unthinkable happening in Pokemon!

Time Stamps –
00:05:09 – Housekeeping
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The Roper Report –
00:05:41 – Ash won a Pokemon League, Brian Ashcraft @ Kotaku
00:11:02 – Now that Ash has won brings me to ask, is Sword and Shield going to be a “soft reboot” of the brand as a whole? – Borzen00
00:15:25 – FF7 Remake to Have Classic Mode, Michael McWhertor @ Polygon
00:17:39 – Final Fantasy VII Remake will have the old school Battle menus do you see people using this old system? – BJ Bernardo
00:19:35 – Ohio Gamers gets 15 months for swatting, Roxana Hegema @ AP
00:24:33 – Let’s Talk Stats via Tweets!
00:25:44 – “Is this the final nail in the Xbox one X-coffin?” – The Nano Biologist
00:31:35 – Out today
00:34:05 –
Reader mail –
00:32:00 – If you were going to predict which games are going to meet/rise above expectations and which games are going to fall short, which would you put your money on? – Coync
00:38:05 – Quqco being suspended from Twitch for “sexually suggestive content or activities.” – Jeffrey P Long
00:44:50 – Important date in history: The Simpsons: Hit & Run turns 16 today. It’s now old enough to get a Driver’s Permit (in most of the US). Round of applause – Wasted bandwidth
00:45:25 – Squad Up: DREW! (PS4) – EASTERN – Drewtendo_64
00:46:23 – You‘re Wrong
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